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Starting Again…

Posted on by amy

I found a wonderful description of poetry recently in Nelson:

In Other Words

A poem is a way
of knowing you are alive

As shocking as a fish
leaping out of deep water

As sharp as light stabbing
through a row of trees

As bold as opening up
your eyes during prayer

As simple as lying awake
in the middle of the night
listening to the sound
of people snoring

Every minute
of every day
of every life

is a full library.



The Swan Sisters

Posted on by amy
We're heading on tour this summer...

We’re heading on tour this summer…

Pod Cast from Plains FM

Posted on by amy

Plains FM invited me in to ramble and play songs. It was one of the joyous interviews I’ve ever done. You can have a listen here:




Of Things Gone Astray

Posted on by amy


Signing books at the official launch in London.

Janina Matthewson: Signing books at the official launch in London.

My friend Janina Matthewson┬áis just so great. She is a writer, runner, lover of wine and good coffee. She is a creator and encourager. I have vivid memories of sharing a glass of red together ( we couldn’t afford to get one each, but still fancied the idea of post work drink/s ) and dreaming of the day her novel would be published and my album signed.

And now, SHE HAS DONE IT. Her book – her beautiful, beautiful book – launched in London this week. Of Things Gone Astray is an enchanting view of the world and all things precious.

Janina asked me to write a song for the online playlist. iTunes and Amazon do this fancy thing where you can make a playlist to go with your book – so cool. Of course I was honoured and delighted by the idea. So here it is: Of Things Gone Astray – a song inspired by the book. ENJOY!


A Little Dream Come True

Posted on by amy

I’ve always wanted to play in an art gallery. It’s been a day dream of mine for years. I remember when I first herd about the Chambers Sessions here in Christchurch, I went along to see my friend Flip Grater play. I felt a little nervous, as I was going on my own. But through a mutual love of cake and wine, I found friends and introduced myself to the organiser, Harry Knight. He and his team put on a beautiful evening of art and music. This event is a chance for songwriters to play to listeners rather than at a rowdy bar and this post is to say THANK YOU. Thank you to visionaries such as Harry and spaces like Chambers241. You are wonderful.14929_964194970273480_4978895988477761801_n

Petcha Kucha

Posted on by amy

A little while ago now, I was asked to talk about The Amy Grace Project at a Petcha Kucha night in Christchurch.



The Little Nomad…

Posted on by amy

It’s a stormy night down South. I’m already curled up in bed after another day of newness. My nomadic ways are taking it’s toll and I’m relieved to know that, from tomorrow, I will be in a new yet familiar nest. Surrounded by trees and views of the sea, I plan to make more time for stillness and solitude. The last few weeks have brought an overwhelming amount of colour and interaction. My sensitive side is saturated and at the risk of hiding, I need to re-collect my thoughts and re-gain energy before the next adventure takes full flight.

It’s so important to listen to your body. To allow yourself time to rest.

Slow down.



Under Construction…

Posted on by amy

Just a quick note to say that this website is slightly under construction. We’re making a few changes, adding a fews things, cutting a few things. It’s very exciting, but taking a little while…

I’ll be writing an update again very soon.


Nikita the Spooky and a Circus of Men…

Posted on by amy

Just a quick entry.

Nikita the Spooky and a Circus of Men have a new album!

I am lucky enough to be joining them in JUNE for their Wellington release.

Have a listen.

Get excited! I sure am.

Till next time…


My New Favourite Word…

Posted on by amy

Complacency. It’s such a horrid word and it’s become my new favourite! It describes far too much of the world around me at the moment and it’s challenging me to DO something about it. One of my fears is laziness. Being too comfortable… I see what it does to people and it makes my heart ache. I’m not at all suggesting we live in a constant state of adrenalin, but we owe it to ourselves to CHOOSE a life we LOVE and then to live it with a sense of drive and passion.

Tonight, for the first time in a long time, I stood up for what I believe in. I refused to let complacency get the better of me and now, I’m sitting in my room FREAKING OUT!!! Sigh…

I care so much about the work I do. I care about the company I work for and most of all, I care about the people. THAT is a RARE gift. I don’t want to take that for granted. I don’t want to settle for ok. I believe we deserve more than that.

The challenge now, is to not feel guilty for wanting to make things better. For choosing hard work. For choosing not to be popular and suggesting, what I believe, will best serve the work. I also need to allow myself to sleep. To let go. To trust.

Complacency – you will NOT get the better of me. Ever.

Till next time…



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