Christchurch – Sunday 17 Jan 2016

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The Garden Party
Sunday, 17 January, 2016
3:00pm - All Ages Buy Tickets
The Garden Party (map)
Orpington Gardens- 8 Fergusson Ave Mairehau
Christchurch, New Zealand
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So apparently the prescribed festive season is coming to an end, but thats just silly talk!
Sure theres work to be done, but there's always the weekend, and nestled nicely within your weekend is Sunday. Sunday is funday.
So lets kick off the new year with a Sunday Session to rule them all, the O.G Sunday session!

Join us in the beautiful surrounds of Orpington Gardens, and be subject to the sights, sounds and tastes we have to give you. You might just find yourself having the time of your life.
You might just find yourself .

Starting at 3pm, we have an array of musical talent hanging out to entertain and inspire, including Fraser Ross, Amiria Grenell, Bryony&Thom, Josef D, and Circadian Flashback. If you are musically inclined, feel free to bring an instrument- as jam sessions are likely to transpire.

Accompanying the audiological treats will be delicious things to drink and eat. With a collective of brilliant chefs involved, we aim to have a free-style food symposium, with the results landing on your plate. To assist this, it is encouraged that people bring along a bag of something fun from a farmers market or the garden, so our wonderful chefs can prepare it for us all. Delicious, locally brewed craft beers, cider and wine will be available for purchase, and there will be tasty non alcoholic options, both hot and cold too.

We also want to encourage involvement and contribution; you're all awesome humans in your own right so if you have a "thing" that will add to an awesome sunday session, bring it along! Could be a vege you grew, a coffee you brew, a song thats new, or just some good fat to chew.

All ages and all walks of life welcome; bring the tribe, bring good vibes and lets imbibe.

Come let the evening in the garden take you somewhere beautiful!

Tickets $10. Sales are limited so get in quick. There may be limited door sales depending on prepurchase numbers.

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